Automotive Fluid Exchange Machines

Keep your vehicle in peak performance and meet your manufacturers fluid exchange interval requirements with our easy to use service equipment.

Hybrid Brake Service Machine RX-555

Our new hybrid brake bleeder machines services electric, hybrid, and conventional brakes. It provides variable air pressure for fluid pressure and fluid vacuum systems up to 100 psi.  For more information, please read our brake service brochure. Download Manual.


Transmission Fluid Exchange T-3000

The T-3000 removes old and used fluid from transmission, including fluid in torque converters and coolers. The machine’s 6-gallon new fluid capacity and 12-v low flow pump ensure a complete fluid change in less than15-minutes. Click our transmission service brochure for more info on our T-3000 product.


Coolant Exchange RX 3-N-1 (L&MD)

Our RX 3-n-1 model performs an 85% 4-minute flush-n-fill coolant exchange or a 100% coolant exchange in 7 minutes.  The single tube design performs like a three tube model.  Details in our brochure.


Coolant Exchange RX 2.6 (HD)

The RX Model 2.6 flushes worn out coolants in less than eight-minutes and refills it with new coolant.  It eliminates air pockets from the coolant system when refilling and restores the radiators heat transfer efficiency. Read the full specs of our coolant 2.6 model in this brochure.

Oil System Service

Engine Cleans new oil system service machine cleans the oil system of carbon, sludge, and deposits. It helps restore engine compression and performance. Details in our brochureDownload Manual Here.


Power Steering RX 1000

This preventative maintenance service removes old worn out fluid and replaces it with new fluid. See brochure.


Differential RX 1000

This service replaces contaminated and depleted differential/gear box fluids with new clean fluids.  Replaces differential and gear box fluids in 5 minutes.  Clear hoses allow visual confirmation on fluid exchange process. See brochure


Port Fuel Injection

Easily remove dirt, carbon deposits, and varnishes from you engine’s Port fuel injection fuel system.  Helps restore performance, drivability and fuel efficiency.  Learn more about the RX-777 by downloading our brochure.


Hydraulic Fluid RX

This preventative maintenance service extracts and renews hydraulic fluid in vehicles and vehicle lift applications.
Learn more about the Hydraulic Fluid RX by downloading our brochure.

Whether your vehicle is petrol, diesel, hyberid or electric, our services  can:

Restore Fuel Efficacy

 Lower Emissions  Improve Performance  Maintain Warranty Requirements

Contact us in Baldwin Park, California, to know how you can purchase our enhanced fuel system cleaning apparatuses.