Diesel Fuel System Cleaning using Versatile Automotive Equipment

Keep your engines in peak performance when you use our automotive service equipment. Engine Clean Solutions, Inc. in Baldwin Park, California, provides fuel system cleaning tools and equipment to improve your engine's performance.

Diesel Multi-Service Tool Rx 999

Take advantage of our reliable diesel fuel tool. We offer combination prices for diesel fuel kit for engines not covered by the John Deere Fuel Injector Flush Tool and the John Deere Fuel-Protect Keep Clean program. Diesel Multi-Service brochure

Diesel Adapters
For mixed HD fleets we have an adapter for your specific application—or we will build it. We also provide a North American kit that connects to L&MD diesels sold in the US and Canada that includes 25 items including a loop hose. We also have adapters for the myriad of small diesel engines used in Asia and South America. Call for pricing.


D-501 Cleaning Solution

D-501 is a military specification diesel fuel system cleaner that is highly effective in removing coke, carbon, varnish and gums from diesel fuel systems. It is shipped in 32 oz. bottles as a concentrated detergent. For use, one part D-501 is mixed with 2 parts diesel fuel.

HD Diesel Fuel Tool RX 888

Helps restore HD Diesel engines to peak performance by cleaning the diesel fuel system of Carbon, gums and varnish. Diesel Fuel Tool Brochure

Whether your engine is petrol, diesel, hybrid, or all electric our services can:

Restore Fuel Efficiency

 Lower Emissions  Improve Performance

Contact us in Baldwin Park, California, to know how you can purchase our enhanced fuel system cleaning apparatuses.